About Us

Who is EMMA? - A great person, a progressive magazine, a dusty store in the middle of the village?
EMMA can be many things, but for us it is everything!

Our Philosophy

transparent - sustainable - cordial

Behind EMMA Bed and Bistro is the Winterthur native Barbara Koblet. She created EMMA with a lot of passion and the desire to realize her dreams. Here, tolerance, transparency and quality are of prime importance. Thus, our assortment consists of local, seasonal and sustainable products and a warm working environment is created.

In addition to its role as a gastronomic business in Winterthur's old town, EMMA intends to continue to play its role beyond. Thus the city of culture and the open society should also benefit from niche events such as readings, degustations, possible rentals and other inspiring events. Our plan is to welcome broad sections of the population in a tolerant, unifying environment.

This is EMMA.

Info About The Location

EMMA Bed and Bistro is located at Oberen Graben in the heart of Winterthur's old town. This includes a bistro, which invites you to linger in the interior and let yourself be pampered by our range of food and drinks. On sunny days there is also a gravel area between the trees of the Graben. We offer our hotel guests three lovingly furnished hotel rooms. We attach great importance to an open host culture, through our communicative and benevolent team, under the direction of the Winterthur manager Barbara Koblet.

Our Team

Mina, Barbara, Pascal, Angi, Fabia, Gabriel, Susi, Eli, Noémie, Tamara, Joel, Marcela, Res und Nick – Unsere dreizehn fleissigen, herzlichen und engagierten Mitarbeiter:innen halten EMMA am laufen. Sie prägen mit ihrer aufgestellten Art unser Lokal von Grund auf.

It is great to have you with us!